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Worldwide Torture is the debut extended play (EP) by Jazmin Bean. The EP was released on October 22th, 2019 under the label Aswang Birthday Cake.


"Worldwide Torture" was released to digital retailers through Aswang Birthday Cake on August 1st, 2019, and served as the first single to the EP. Jazmin Bean co-wrote the song, and it was produced by Dave Draper.


No. Title Artist Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Worldwide Torture" Jazmin Bean Jazmin Bean Dave Draper 3:33
2. "Princess Castle" Jazmin Bean


Jazmin Bean


Dougal Drummond 3:33
3. "Saccharine" Jazmin Bean Jazmin Bean Jessica Winter 3:00
4. "Hello Kitty" Jazmin Bean Jazmin Bean Dougal Drummond 2:31
5. "Little Lamb" Jazmin Bean Jazmin Bean Dougal Drummond 3:13


  • "Worldwide Torture" and "Princess Castle" are the longest track of the EP, being 3:33 long.
  • "Hello Kitty" is the shortest track of the EP, being 2:31 long.


Artists & Producers Jazmin BeanCottontailJessica WinterDougal DrummondDave Draper
Songs Worldwide TorturePrincess CastleSaccharineHello KittyLittle Lamb
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