Jazmin Bean is a non-binary singer and songwriter based in London. They are popularly known for their bold makeup looks and their whimsical and surrealistic visuals on social media. They are also the founder of the makeup brand Cult Candy Cosmetics.

Early Life

When Jazmin was barely 11 or 12 years old, they began experimenting with makeup, transforming their face and physical appearance, inspired by their dolls.And then, they started getting into drag culture but they soon get bored of it. Born in London, England, they were inspired by Japanese pop culture and mythological creatures, and little by little, they began to transform themselves into their favorite creatures by facing the mirror. Jazmin Bean, who identifies themselves as a non-binary person, explain that their love of mythology began as a game.

Music Career

2019: Worldwide Torture EP

Jazmin Bean released their first independent music video titled "Worldwide Torture" on August 1st of 2019, in which they combine a kawaii aesthetic with their particular monstrous style to create a somewhat surreal clip where pop and metal combine harmoniously while explaining how they intend to dominate the world.

Later on October 22th of 2019, they released their debut extended play, which includes the songs "Worldwide Torture", "Princess Castle" featuring Cottontail, "Saccharine", "Hello Kitty" and "Little Lamb" produced by Dougal Drummond, Dave Draper and Jessica Winter.

2020: Visual album and the Worldwide Torture re-upload EP

Jazmin is working on a visual album (released date is unknown) now. In the near future, they will re-upload the Worldwide Torture EP which contains two more old singles and two new ones, and probably there will be new merch. According to them, the EP will have new cover and mait y be released physically[1].


Their gallery can be found here.


  • Jazmin calls themself a genderless monster[2].
  • Jazmin Bean uses a binder to flatten their chest and contact lenses.
  • They have a pet chinchilla, Elmo.
    • Jazmin really wants an axolotl and a snail but they're kind of busy right now.
  • They are a former friend of Melanie Martinez.
  • Their grandma comes from the Philippines, so they get a lot of inspiration from Filipino Folklore - Aswang.
  • Jazmin's best friend is Salvia.


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